Pastured Pork

Why Mangalitsa Pork?

A curly coated woolly sheep-like fleeced pig sound strange but it does exist in the form of Mangalitsa pigs,and they produce a meat so good it has been hailed as the "Kobe Beef of pork".  The meat - red and marbled like a good cut of beef and a taste like no other pork.


The Mangalitsa is a heritage breed pig that was first bred in Hungary in 1833 by mixing a Serbian hog and a wild boar, the pig’s uniquely creamy white fat and marbled meat thrust it to the top of the European food world for decades. But after years of economic pressures for faster growing breeds, WWII, and communism of all things, by the 1990s the Mangalitsa was nearly extinct with only 200 left in the world .Saved by a handful of dedicated farmers in Hungary and the US, the breed is once again prized for its amazing curing qualities, its creamy whippable lard, and deep red marbled meat.

 The Mangalitsa arrive in the United States in 2007, when its high quality meat and lard instantly found a home on the menus of some of the top US restaurants and highly sought after by the top chefs.

After searching for the best breed of pigs to raise on our Heritage Hills Homestead researching heritage breeds, we immediately wanted to be a part of raising and sustaining this amazing breed, and bringing Mangalitsas “The Kobe Beef of Pork” both to our table but make it available to the plates of our comminity.

We chose Mangalitsa and Tamworth because of the quality of meat and their ability to forage on pasture and woods and produce the Best Pork out there.